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As 2015 is coming in and taking the innovation world by storm it begs the question what do these innovations and new products have to offer our dental practices? What new dental products should we keep an eye out for in 2015?

2015 is the year of cloud technology and 3D printing revitalizing the industry, and making the top dental clinics no force to be reckoned with. These are the emerging new dental products that you should expect to see in 2015 from the top practices.

Open Dental CAM Solutions

The latest version of DentMill provides dental professionals with a new mechanism for identifying and creating machining features from imported DAD data. It grants them the ability to visualize with 3D previews of imported parts and mill all types of restorations including crowns, bridges, and implants from any dental CAD system on the market.

2015 is all about quicker images and intuitive software solutions, this CAM solution uses dental imagery and terminology making it easy for dental technicians to use, even those with slightly less experience in machining.

The new technology being deployed to identify features within the CAD models will speed up the programming of implant interfaces, and any other restorations of the dental bar.

Dental Software to Improve Practice Efficiency and Productivity

If you’re currently working in any dental or medical practice you know what a struggle it can be wasting time searching the office for other staff members. While in the past practices have managed with walkie talkies and intercom systems, 2015 is bringing innovative technologies like DoctorMeow to fight this inefficiency.

By integrating the system with anyone’s personal device i.e. tablet, smartphone, smart watch, etc. staff members can communicate in a more direct and efficient way. In addition to improving productivity and efficiency through increased communication this system also brings a new variable to office communication that hasn’t been seen yet in dentistry, analytics. This platform uses an analytical reporting feature to measure wait times of patients, frequency of pages sent per staff member, chair usage, etc.

Training Toys for Children

We all know by now the secret to forming good dental habits is by developing them in children from a young age. 2015 will bring many new innovative and fun ways to introduce your children to these healthy habits. Children growing up in the new millenium need new dental products to properly entertain them and induce these positive habits.

Kids are used to interacting with cartoon like characters be it on their iPad app, or on their favorite TV show, brushyball brings this cartoon character in to the bathroom to help them brush their teeth. This innovative training tool just recently launched their kickstarter campaign. The brushyball motivates and shows the child exactly where to brush and for how long, to encourage good habits.

Next Level Simulation

Simulation practice is typically geared to students of the dental industry, designed to realistically practice dental procedures as though they’re really in a true clinical operatory setting. In the case of DentalEZ’s TruSim practice simulator this simulation can actually help you more than the actual clinical practice.

This simulation guides you through the procedure while promoting correct posture to eliminate future back problems, and encourages the proper practices to easily access the oral cavity. It’s also a fairly easy to use system with the option to stabilize or leave mobile, and pack it up and store with ease.

2015 will continue to be the year of cloud computing, storage, and technological advancements in the dental industry. Whether you’re using it to access data while out of the office, store large digital images, or keep your practice’s data extra secure the cloud will continue to make a bigger impact on new dental products. If you haven’t began to see how the cloud can transform your dental practice, learn more about CephX and see how the easy to use cloud based system can help you perform more accurate cephalometric analyses with convenient image storage.

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