Advancing Orthodontic Treatment Planning with Cephx AI DICOM Viewer

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In the ever-evolving field of orthodontics, where the delicate balance of art and science shapes patient care, precision and clarity are paramount. Recognizing this crucial need, Cephx introduces an innovative DICOM Viewer, offering orthodontists unparalleled insight for high predictability treatment planning.

Unveiling Precision with Cephx’s Advanced DICOM Viewer:

Step into the realm of Cephx’s innovative DICOM Viewer, a sophisticated tool that transforms CBCT segmentation data into highly detailed 2D images. This cutting-edge feature provides an intricate view of bone morphology, root angulations, and nerve pathways, enabling orthodontists to make informed decisions with unprecedented clarity.

Navigating Spatial Relationships:

Orthodontists can explore the dentition and jaw structures from multiple perspectives, unraveling spatial relationships crucial for comprehensive treatment planning. This multi-planar exploration ensures a more holistic understanding of anatomical structures, allowing tailored approaches to even the most complex cases.


Simplified Measurements for Precision Diagnosis:

Accurate measurements of distances and angles become effortlessly attainable with Cephx’s DICOM Viewer, facilitating precise diagnosis and reliable treatment planning. This newfound clarity empowers orthodontists to optimize tooth movement and mitigate potential complications.

Advantages of Ceph Tracing from CBCT with Cephx:

Prioritizing patient safety, Cephx generates high-quality cephalograms. The automated process ensures precise tracings from CBCT, demonstrating high accuracy compared to manual tracing. For added assurance, technical experts are available for result review, ensuring meticulous attention to specific landmarks

Integrating 3D Meshing for Enhanced Treatment Planning:

Cephx presents an enhanced treatment planning dimension—automatic meshing of intraoral scans (IOS) with CBCT segmentations, presented in an STL format. By uploading DICOM and IOS files, our AI integrates intraoral scan accuracy with detailed root and skeletal anatomy from CBCT, offering an integrated meshed visualization within our DICOM Viewer.


Benefits of 3D Meshing:

  • Precision in Clear Aligner and Indirect Bonding Planning:Confidently plan teeth movement with utmost accuracy, reducing the risk of root collisions and bone exfiltration.
  • Effortless Export to Planning Software: Export meshed STL files seamlessly to most planning software packages for final treatment planning, streamlining your workflow.

Benefits for Orthodontists and Patients:

  • Early Detection for Proactive Planning: Identify potential issues like impacted teeth early on, allowing for proactive treatment planning and minimizing the risk of complications.
  • Precision in Treatment Planning: Visualize anatomical structures with precision, enabling the creation of personalized treatment plans that optimize tooth movement and reduce potential complications.
  • Patient education : Clear and detailed animated, accurate images facilitate patient understanding, fostering trust and compliance which lead to significantly higher case acceptance.

Efficiency Redefined With The Cephx Cloud Service:

Cephx’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features redefine workflow efficiency, saving valuable time and resources for orthodontic practitioners. With the cloud-based solution, access your patient data securely from anywhere, ensuring a smoother and more focused diagnostic process.

Fostering Collaboration within the Orthodontic Community:

Beyond individual practitioners, Cephx fosters collaboration within the orthodontic community by providing a secure platform for:
Data Sharing: Share DICOM Viewer visualizations and 3D models securely with colleagues, for consultation and collaborative diagnosis.

Cephx: Pioneering the Future of Orthodontics:

Cephx’s DICOM Viewer technology is reshaping orthodontic practices by empowering practitioners to deliver exceptional patient care through:

  • Informed Decision-Making: Unparalleled diagnostic accuracy supports informed decision-making for precise treatment strategies.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Greater precision and predictability in treatment planning ensures tailored approaches for optimal outcomes.
  • Clear Communication and Trust: Detailed visuals enhance patient understanding, leading to improved trust and compliance.

Contact us today to schedule a demo or register for a free trial and experience firsthand the transformative power of Cephx’s Advanced DICOM Viewer in the world of orthodontic diagnosis. Your journey toward precision and clarity begins here!


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