How to Improve your Dental Practice

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If your dental practice hasn’t yet embraced the recent technological impact of digital communications and laboratories, your employees and your patients will soon find other practices better equipped for their needs.
It can be difficult as a dentist, or someone else working at a dental practice to see your service from a business perspective. Your office to you is more than a business and most dentists don’t come into the industry simply for the money incentives. Unfortunately, this business mentality i needed in all practices to provide superior service that your patients are expecting.

What kind of inventory does your dental practice need?

Any type of dental practice knows inventory management is an essential skill to possess. For dentists particularly, ordering the proper amount of equipment and supplies ensures you’ll always have the right products when you need them to treat your patients. On the other hand, this process also ensures you aren’t wasting money with closets full of unneeded toothbrushes and floss.

Offices can minimize this risk by creating an inventory software system that works for the entire office. By keeping all of the necessary office supplies in one specified location and extra medical supplies in a separate location you have better organizational consistency. Also, ensure you assign just one person to the ordering tasks that way you avoid over-ordering or double placing orders.

Has your practice gone digital?

Retaining patients is just as important in your practice as the acquisition process. What’s holding your patients at your practice instead of going to the other dentist down the street? If you don’t have an affirmative answer, perhaps adapting digital solutions will change their minds.

Digital scheduling solutions avoid the hassle for both team members and your patients. The software program is able to use company data to simplify the scheduling process. This in turn improves office morale by giving all employees easy and equal access to all of their scheduling whereabouts. The same software, or a different system communicates with your patients to alert them of their upcoming appointment or follow up with those that still need to make appointments. Patients prefer this method to traditional direct mail approaches because it catches them on their cell phone where they can easily update the appointment into their calendar.

Are you aware what’s going on with your finances?

One part of having your own practice that no one ever wants to deal with this the financial dealings. If you haven’t begun to automate your billing, then say good bye to the headache that’s been consuming your life because there’s many software solutions that can deal with this for you in a fraction of the time, even further streamlining this process. Cutting down on this time will allow these employees more time to focus on their productivity in other realms.

Another way you can set yourself a part from the other dental practices is by offering help with these finances for your patients. According to the American Dental Association, one of the main reasons people fail to seek necessary dental treatment is because of the money. Unfortunately dental treatment is expensive and proportionately to how many people need dental treatment not enough people have the proper insurance. While you might not have the finances to assist these patients yourselves, you do have the resources to educate such clients about the financial options that are available to them.

Do you make use of cloud-based technologies?

Cloud based systems are super important when trying to improve your dental practice. Essentially when your practice is in the cloud it allows all of your data to be stored conveniently. No matter where you are everyone in the practice has access to images taken. CephX is a great place to start when you’re looking to improve your dental practice. All of your photos, x-rays, and worksheets will be made available 24/7 in real time ensuring security and the most up to date results for your patients and maximized efficiency for your employees.

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New Dental Technology

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2015 is the year of technology in dentistry. While 2013 and 2014 have been large powers in contributing 3D technologies which have impacted dentistry tremendously and other forms of digital laboratory technology, 2015 will be all about improving this technology and implementing it widespread. It may not be the year for creating new technologies, but it will definitely become more commonplace in all dentistry practices around the world.

No longer is technology simply a tool used for marketing in dental practices, today it’s an essential element to providing your patients with the highest quality of care. When your patients are exposed to more technologically advanced products to enhance their overall experience and oral results it makes a great difference in your practice’s success.

Digital X-Rays

For the patients, digital x-rays mean less radiation, and for the dental professionals, digital x-rays mean better resolution to perform more enhanced diagnostics. Dental intraoral X-ray sensors have been shown to be just as diagnostic as film radiographs. While they’re equated in diagnostics, they also offer clinicians a whole lot more when it comes to diagnostics and the ways the images can be used.

With infinitely better resolution, reduced radiation to the patient, and the ability to zoom into specific parts of the image and use filters for enhanced diagnostics. They also grant your practice the ability to archive radiographs with no loss of image quality, as well as the ability to send a perfect digital copy to insurance companies or referral partners. Digital dental X-ray systems are a better solution for both the patient and the doctor.

Cone Beam

One of the fastest growing dental technologies is the dental cone beam aka cone beam, 3D imaging, or CBCT (cone beam computer tomography). Whatever you prefer to call it this imaging system is capable of creating detailed 3D models of a patient’s entire oral anatomy. This new dental technology is slowly immersing becoming a standard for dental treatment planning. The latest cone beam systems work with very low radiation doses, contrary to recent articles claiming otherwise. These cone beam systems work with small fields of view to capture data from just the desired area of the person’s anatomy.

Guided Surgery (Implant Surgical Guide Systems)

When dental practices apply guided surgery methods to meet the needs of their patients restoratively they’re actively providing optimal function and aesthetics at the same time. With today’s technology in dentistry it’s not necessary to refer the patient out you can simply do the implant yourself. While it may seem complex, using a surgical guide system can make the entire process a lot simpler.

These systems use the 3D imaging technology to see the patient’s anatomy and plan the ideal implant placement, angulation, and rotation and based upon this information provide the clinician with a 3D printed drill guide that makes it very clear where the implant is supposed to be placed. This system makes the process not only easier for the dentists but also immensely faster which allows them to be more efficient and the success of the implant cases are far more predictable.

Dental Technology Showcase 2015

The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) is held every year for dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, and lab owners to update and refresh their knowledge and skills with other dentists and learn the best new additions to bring back for their own practices. The event offers of course vast networking opportunities for those involved in the dentistry industry and it’s an especially great place to access the latest innovations in the industry as well.

This year the showcase will take place on the 17th and 18th of April in Birmingham. The trade exhibition will host over 80 leading dental suppliers and manufacturers, 1000s of dental professionals, and of course the latest products, materials, and technologies available. Experts will show off and demonstrate any additional information, or guidance needed helping you to select the appropriate product and technology to take home for your practice.

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