What’s New in Orca Dental AI’s 3D Viewer: AI Cephalometric Analysis Advanced Segmentation, Improved User Experience, and More

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Automatic stitching of a 3D segmented CBCT with an IOS file!
All you need to do is upload the DICOM and IOS files to our system and the AI will automatically create a superior image that combines the best of both worlds – the accuracy of the intraoral scans embedded on a detailed root/skeletal anatomy provided by the CBCT. The meshed STL files can also be exported to most planning software packages for final treatment planning.
Check out our updated user friendly 3D viewer for better visualization, and improved treatment planning.
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Our latest upgrades:

The meshing of intraoral scans with DICOM segmentation marks the next level in the planning of clear aligners and indirect bonding. With this advanced technology, you can confidently plan the teeth movement with utmost accuracy, while reducing the risk for root collision.

Experience our user-friendly 3D viewer for yourself!

With our “Clip Scene” feature, you can view a 3D segmentation of the teeth and surrounding structures from different angles (coronal, Sagittal, Axial), helping you identify potential issues such as overcrowding, misalignment, or impacted teeth.

The “Measure Distance” feature is incredibly useful for measuring the distance between individual teeth or the teeth and the jawbone.

Use the “Measure Distance” feature to take measurements.

Another new feature in our 3D viewer- a high-quality video of the segmentation, which can be helpful for communication with patients, other dental professionals, or insurance providers. You can download the segmentation as a PDF report or JPEG image for a comprehensive record of the patient’s treatment progress.

Use the video feature to communicate treatment progress.

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