How the World Wide Web Brings Peer Dentist Together for the Better Good

It’s no surprise that the internet has changed dentistry just as much as the rest of the world around us.

While you might initially think that the world wide web has nothing to do with the way you treat a patient in your dental chair, we at CephX beg to differ. In fact, dentists that go online are able to provide resources and services to their patients that they otherwise never would be able to.

Here are a few examples…

Study Groups and Continuing Education

Being in a dental study club doesn’t mean driving an hour away once a month anymore. Now you can find like-minded professionals who share cases, experiences, and data online 24/7. If you’re passionate about a particular type of orthodontic therapy or new technique, you can share your same interests with others…even if there’s no one in your physical vicinity.

Cloud sharing resources allow you to safely and securely share images or notes regarding cases to offer advice, experience, or insight on new data that’s coming out.

Formal CE providers are finding that mail-in self-taught courses are a thing of the past. While many state boards used to not gra