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About Dr. Ivan Goryalov

Dr. Goryalov graduated in dental medicine at the Faculty of Dental Medicine – Medical University, Plovdiv in 2002. Between 2006 and 2013 he specialized in the clinic of Prof. Wick Alexander in Arlington, Texas, USA. In 2007 and 2008, he got trained in “Surgical-Orthodontic Approach in Dentofacial Deformities” at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dr. Goryalov is the chairman of the Bulgarian Alexander Study Club. He received the highest jury award in the Dental Competition “ Smile of the Year” 2008, “ Smile of the Year” 2009, special jury award for complexity and excellent teamwork in ” Smile of the Year ” 2010 and award for complex esthetic restoration in “Smile of the Year” 2017

About USMIVKI courses

Dr. Goryalov began conducting CE orthodontic courses in Europe in 2008, and since then instructed hundreds of students in dozens of courses, focusing on the Alexander Discipline. His courses are both theory and practical, and include:

  • Bracket Positioning, Banding and Bonding – Direct and Indirect Technique, According to the Alexander Discipline
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, According to the Alexander Discipline
  • Class 2 Deep Bite Mechanics in a Growing Patient, According to the Alexander Discipline
  • Typical Extraction Mechanics, According to the Alexander Discipline
  • Class 3 Open Bite Mechanics in a Growing Patient, According to the Alexander Discipline
  • Unusual Treatment with Mini-implants and skeletal anchorage system (SAS)

Following the success of his courses and the increasing demand, Dr. Goryalov is expanding his activities to new countries, and new office locations and courses.

The CephX Service

Dr. Goryalov teaches cephalometric tracing and analysis to his students, and for most of them it’s for the first time. “During an orthodontic course for general dentists I have to teach them a lot of theory in very short time, and streamline the transition to the practical part”, says Dr. Goryalov. “the CephX service makes it simple to get through the cephalometric analysis part – it’s an efficient educational tool”

CephX Artificial-Intelligence based algorithm performs automatic, immediate Cephalometric analysis, a template of dental and skeletal relationship of human skull, used by orthodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons as a treatment planning tool. CephX works from the cloud, providing service to over 1,000 users world-wide, also integrated into leading European dental-imaging manufacturers such as Sirona, Planmeca and NewTom.

“My students love the CephX service, since it gives them peace of mind with their cephalometric analysis – during the course and after. As an instructor, it’s important for me to ensure they are using the latest technologies, and CephX’s artificial-intelligence is a first of its kind” continues Dr. Goryalov. “It’s fast, accurate and simple to use, and as a web-based system it’s easy for me to help my students anywhere and anytime”.

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