Case study – using CephX in imaging centers

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Dental imaging centers, providing dentists with CBCT , panoramic, cephalometric and other imaging services, can leverage the CephX service to achieve better business outcome while keeping high accuracy standard across multiple centers.

About CT Dent

CT-Dent was established in London in 2007 by Mr. Kfir Atias, and has grown into a network running 6 branches across the UK, 7 franchised office in Europe, and is in the process of extensive growth throughout Asia, expecting to reach hundreds of offices by 2020.

CT-Dent provides the full spectrum of dental imaging services, allowing dentists to refer their patients to get all their needs taken care professionally in a 1-stop-shop, while freeing the dentist from the need to invest in expensive hardware and software and maintain highly trained personnel:

  • CBCT Scans
  • Digital Panoramic (OPG)
  • Digital Lateral Cephalometric (CEPH)
  • CEPH tracing Report
  • Radiology/Pathology Report
  • Digital Impression
  • Radiographic Template
  • Surgical Guide
  • Intra Oral Orthodontic Aligners Scan
  • Anatomical 3D Model

The CephX Service

The offices of CT-Dent provides a digital cephalometric radiograph of patients’ referred by their dentists. “Dentists sending their patients to us expect nothing but the highest accuracy tracing and professional analysis report. It is a challenge to train our personnel and maintain the professional level we’re expected to provide over time, and it is even more challenging to keep an equal level of accuracy across all offices”, says Kfir Atias. “Using the CephX service we know our cases are handled in a constant level of accuracy, and training is no longer a barrier for providing the service in new offices”.

CephX Artificial-Intelligence based algorithm performs automatic, immediate Cephalometric analysis, a template of dental and skeletal relationship of human skull, used by orthodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons as a treatment planning tool. CephX works from the cloud, providing service to over 1,000 users world-wide, also integrated into leading European dental-imaging manufacturers such as Sirona, Planmeca and NewTom.

“Since CephX introduced their AI driven ceph tracing CT-Dent is able to send back the analysis to the clinician same day, saving time and increasing their efficiency”, continues Kfir Atias. “Knowing that the AI service is backed by CephX highly professional and experienced team gives us peace of mind with our ceph tracings. We look forward for their future AI products for automatic implant planning, radiology reports and liaison diagnosis.”

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