Orthodontic Trends in 2015

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In the past 20 years the orthodontic industry has experienced massive growth. Especially in the adult market, typically when people think about orthodontists they think about small kids wearing braces. Today however, this trend, along with many others, is changing. The overall number of adult patients has increased by 23%, and now one in every five orthodontic patients is an adult.

What are these new orthodontic trends hitting the industry in 2015? And how will they affect your practice? Keep on reading to find out.

Patient-Centric Experience

This 2015 trend is not just one we’re seeing in the orthodontist’s office. Industries everywhere are shifting toward a more user-centered trend. With the increase in options, and the world wide web making these options all the more accessible it’s increasingly important to guarantee your patients with a top of the line experience.

In addition, patients are spending a lot more out of pocket these days to come and see an orthodontist. This makes them become more vocal about receiving the exact treatment and and experience they want from their orthodontist. Orthodontist’s should be proactive in order to provide the patients with everything before they even knew they needed it, answer questions before they can even think of them, and allow no time for any second thoughts.


While orthodontic implants are nothing new, the trend that we will be seeing is more and more artificial teeth and surgical techniques to implement these implants. With new technologies and capabilities the entire process of obtaining implants is a lot more efficient and cost effective making it a more popular option.

The World Implant Orthodontic Conference 2015 is set to take place in Dubai in November 2015. Here experts will showcase all of the new research and technology that’s being developed to help improve this procedure even further. If your practice isn’t already taking advantage of the orthodontic implant trend, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business. 1 out of 5 americans over the age of 65 have lost all of their teeth due to decay and this is an entire new market for you to poach.


In 2015 this trend is certainly growing because of the sheer cost of running your own solo orthodontic practice. You may find moving to a group practice not only a safer route for your wallet, but also for insurance purposes, marketing, payroll, scale of equipment, etc.

Whether you’re new to the orthodontic field and looking to join in on an existing practice, or you’ve been trying the solo route for awhile and you’re ready for a change, there are many benefits to be found in this popular trend.

Preventative Care

Going along with the notion of proactivity which we spoke about earlier, preventative care is another trend that orthodontic practices can not ignore indeed. Instead of focusing on fixing problems once they’ve already occured, think like we’re living in 2015 and act to prevent measures in the future.

The 2015 trend will extend not only to warning patients to take care of their teeth by giving special instructions on how to prevent and avoid periodontal disease, enamel erosion, etc. But also using different technologies to track progress and see what measures need to be taken in advance to treat a patient.

CephX, located in the cloud, allows patients and orthodontists to view cephalometric analyses and other dental images anywhere with an internet connection to find potential dangers before they occur and track progress to be on top of treatment methods.

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