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With all of the new technology and resources available to us, orthodontic practices have changed quite drastically over the last couple decades.

Not all that long ago, the standard for care was much different in orthodontics. Standard ‘one-size-fits-all’, procedures brackets and wires that were all too big, and frequent tooth extractions were all common occurrences.

Now many orthodontists are adopting the new technology trends to keep their customers happy with their treatment results, and also to make their own lives a whole lot more simple. This is also an essential criteria for dentists, when suggesting orthodontists in the area to their clients for future treatment. They’re looking for orthodontic practices which are using the latest technology and treatments and proving good outcomes.

The recent modern technologies in orthodontics have allowed practices to achieve far greater results, with less discomfort to the patients, and with much greater ease to the orthodontist performing the treatment as well. Check out these ortho technologies that can make your job a whole lot easier.

Cone Beam CT Scanners

Talk about a revolution. Ever since the introduction of the cone beam CT, the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients today has been changed completely. The 3D images of a patient’s full skull, jaw, and underlying bone structure gives the orthodontist a much clearer and full picture of everything that’s going on to reveal more detail about the patient’s symptoms.

With this newfound ability to manipulate and view these images from any particular angle, the CT scanners are a great tool to plan and evaluate treatments. While there’s been debate recently about the risk of radiation with in-office CT scans, studies have shown that a typical 5-second Cone Beam CT Scan actually exposes the patient to the equivalent radiation as two conventional X-rays. That being said the benefits, of the CBCT greatly outweigh the potential risks in nearly every situation.

Custom Smile Design

Custom Smile Design is one of the newer and more exciting orthodontic technologies of the bunch, consisting of a rather unique method to indirectly bond custom-designed brackets and wires. The system uses 3D treatment planning software and actual brackets and wired which are customized personally to each individual patient.

This technology takes an average set of impressions and places it into a 3D virtual model of the patients teeth. Once it’s in this form the orthodontist can them make any modifications necessary to create the patient’s ideal smile. The brackets and wires are manufactured according to this 3D model by using precision placement guides (aka jigs). Not only is this treatment much easier and efficient for the orthodontist to perform, but much more comfortable for the patient as well.

Clear Brackets

Since the invention of clear brackets, braces usage has sprung greatly. Today, many people are desperate to improve their smile, yet not desperate to the fact that they’ll put up with a metal mouth full of wire to get there. Up until lately products like invisalign, clear aligners have been popular on the market to resolve this issue.

The problem with clear aligners is that they’re ineffective for achieving great tooth movement, and they take a much longer time to see results than regular braces. Innovative technologies like Damon Clear uses an invisible bracket system that doesn’t stain or discolor. This allows orthodontists to provide their patients with a comfortable alternative to braces that still works speedily and effectively without sacrificing your looks.

As many orthodontic treatments are evolving to become more innovative and modern, orthodontic practices must keep up to date with the latest management technologies as well. Many practices are moving all of their storage and dental images into the cloud for convenience, and better access. CephX provides solutions for cephalometric analyses and image storage, giving you complete and accurate analyses, photos, and x-rays available anywhere you can access the cloud.

What other ways have orthodontic innovations and new technology trends made your job easier?

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