ORCA Dental AI Secures FDA Clearance for Cephx.com AI Platform

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ORCA Dental AI is pleased to announce that Cephx.com, its cloud-based cephalometric analysis service, has received FDA clearance. This clearance signifies a significant advancement in dental diagnostics, reflecting ORCA’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance patient care.

Cephx.com: Pioneering AI in Cephalometric Analysis

Cephalometric tracings are crucial in orthodontics and dentistry, providing valuable insights into facial structures for personalized treatment planning. Cephx.com becomes a pioneer in integrating AI with cephalometric analysis, setting new standards for accuracy, efficiency, and patient care.

Precision and Efficiency Combined

Cephx.com’s state-of-the-art AI system analyzes X-ray images using advanced algorithms. This enables dental professionals to obtain precise measurements and comprehensive facial assessments. The FDA clearance assures practitioners and patients of its reliability, meeting rigorous testing and safety standards.

AI Cephalometric tracing

A Trusted Partner for Dental Professionals

Cephx.com positions itself as a trusted partner for dental professionals seeking advanced diagnostic tools. The AI system streamlines the diagnostic process, delivering accurate and fast results. By leveraging AI, Cephx.com aims to improve overall practice efficiency, allowing clinicians to focus on informed decisions for their patients.

Key Features of Cephx.com’s AI System:

  • Precision and Accuracy: Ensures accurate measurements and analyses for tailored treatment plans.
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Automates the tracing process, significantly reducing analysis time.
  • Customization: Provides hundreds of customized analyses tailored to individual doctor needs.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems for smooth workflows and comprehensive patient record analysis.
  • FDA Clearance: Underscores Cephx.com’s commitment to upholding the highest safety and effectiveness standards.

AI Ceph tracing

The FDA clearance opens new possibilities for advancing orthodontic practices. Dental professionals and institutions seeking to elevate their diagnostic capabilities can explore the benefits of Cephx.com’s AI system, now backed by the prestigious FDA clearance.

Learn More and Elevate Your Practice

Visit Cephx.com to learn how their AI-powered cephalometric tracing system can transform your practice and redefine the landscape of dental care through innovation.


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