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As professionals in the field of dentistry, we all know how constantly the field is changing and evolving. In fact, by taking a glance back at your career in the field you won’t be surprised to find that things aren’t quite as they once were at the beginning of your career, whether that was two months ago, or 12 years ago.

To keep up with the fast paced industry and suit your patient’s evolving needs, it’s important for your practice to remain on the lookout for new and emerging technology. Below, we’ve compiled just a few of the latest technologies in dentistry ala 2015.

Laser Dentistry

Today many dental practices are using lasers in order to improve the efficiency and provide more comfort throughout a plethora of different dental procedures. The lasers are being implemented in filling cavities, reducing tooth sensitivity, getting rid of tumors, and whitening.

Laser dentistry makes the process more efficient because it’s fast and painless for the patient. In addition, the lasers are very effective in eliminating any form of bacteria during the procedure to avoid possible further complications or problems.


VELscope is a new way to examine patient’s mouths for oral disease. The technology comprises of a special type of light that allows dentists to shine in a patient’s mouth to bring to their attention any forms of abnormalities. This tool helps dentists discover abnormalities earlier than they could with their bare eye. By catching these abnormalities at an earlier stage it increases the chances of survival by 83%.


The HealOzone air compressor is made up of 7 different parts including the air dryer, presser sensor, ozone generator, handpiece, moisture trap, ozone neutralizer, and vacuum pump. This system is a very fast and efficient system to eliminate tooth decay painlessly for the patient.

The system contains ozone (O3) a common natural gas that effectively kills bacteria and fungus. This is a great way to detect tooth decay and get rid of it before it progresses to a more harmful state as it advances.


DIAGNOdent is a handheld pen that dentists can use to detect cavities that are hiding in hard to reach places that regular x-rays can’t find. This hand held unit has added precision because it enables the dentist to provide a more accurate carries treatment plan. This ensures that the patient’s mouth has been thoroughly checked for any possible signs of cavities to avoid reverting and spending more time in the future if the cavities progress and expand.

Intraoral Camera

This tool allows dentists to gain precise and well-defined pictures of those hard to reach and see places within a patient’s mouth. These photos differ from typical x-ray photos because they’re easy for patient’s to view and comprehend. This unique technology shows the images to the patients simultaneously while educating them about their individual needs.

Finally, there’s CephX a revolutionary way for dentists and orthodontists to perform and store more accurate cephalometric analyses via the cloud. This technology allows the practice to save time and money by avoiding dealing with messy and ineffective hardware and software systems. The latest technology in dentistry allows you to share all of these analyses with other dentists in the practice and with your patients from anywhere there’s internet access.

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