Coast Dental Selects CephX to Provide Artificial Intelligence-Based Cephalometric Analysis

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Growing DSO, Coast Dental, contracted CephX for its advanced, Artificial Intelligence-based, automated cephalometric analyses. The service, providing cephalometric analysis within seconds, was first launched in Coast Dental’s west coast offices, and will expand to all offices in the coming months.

In today’s highly competitive market, CephX’s immediate cephalometric analysis service enables offices to put braces on clients as early as the first consultation meeting, covering medico-legal requirements and measurement needed for treatment planning. CephX’s Artificial Intelligence-based service provides consistently accurate cephalometric analysis, eliminating the need for expensive training or mobilizing resources between offices.

“CephX team is excited about our new partnership with one of the largest dental providers in the U.S., Coast Dental,” said Daniel Abraham, Founder and President of CephX. “This collaboration will enable Coast Dental’s orthodontics practitioners to save time, immediately receive more accurate analyses and maintain medico-legal requirements that live up to the standard of care.”

Known for their machine learning and deep learning technologies, CephX develops unique dental algorithms that can identify the dental imagery visuals and produce exceptional cephalometric tracing and analysis in real time.

About CephX

CephX is the leading online platform for dental and orthodontic practitioners, providing them with solutions for Cephalometric X-Ray analyses, image archiving and patient record management. CephX’s innovative AlgoCeph technology provide practitioners with accurate & professional cephalometric analysis within seconds, allowing them for greater efficiency, productivity and patient throughput. Practitioners also save precious time while meeting orthodontic standards of care by managing their patients’ records in CephX cloud where they are fully secured and backed-up. The platform is compatible will any operating system and device. Users are also able to access records from anywhere, even when using their mobile devices. For more information about CephX’s solution, visit

About Coast Dental

Since 1992, patients have trusted the Coast Dental family of dentists to provide quality care in a friendly, caring environment. Their trust has made Coast Dental one of the largest dental providers in the U.S.

Coast Dental, along with its professional affiliations, has more than 180 locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Texas. Its convenient locations make it easy to maintain a regular schedule of dental visits and keep the smile beautiful and healthy. For more information about Coast Dental’s clinics and services, visit

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