Dr Ivan Goryalov

Cephx is an efficient and effective system which saves time and efforts. It gives precise cephalometric analyses and attractively presents the information both to the orthodontist and the patient. Your team and the system support my orthodontic work to create beautiful and healthy smiles.

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Miki Zlatanovski, D.M.D. Canada.

It is of tremendous help to have Ceph X to take care for the ceph tracings for our office. They provide excellent and timely service. Their customer service have always made themselves available when I was in need. The broad list of different analysis and easy transfer of files makes it easy and fun to work with them. I am greatful to be their customer for the past two years.

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Dr Les Joffe

cephX has proved very effective in that the user can build a custom analysis from a host of template measurement.

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Dr Allen Pearson

CephX has made my afterhour’s workload much smaller and my clinical treatment presentations much sharper.
I am very pleased with their product.


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Dr Kevin Boyd

Having several different analyses and VTOs for each patient enables me to show
parents more clearly how the direction of their child’s growth follows a certain trend or pattern.


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