Dr. Alain Souchet

  1. CephX | AI Driven Dental Services

“I am finally able to see the complete teeth in 3D (crowns and roots) within the bone. This is made possible with the CephX teeth segmentation service by ORCA Dental AI with a few clicks from a CBCT. It makes 3D diagnostics even better and I consider it a great addition to my 3D treatment planning.”

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W. Ronald Redmond

  1. CephX | AI Driven Dental Services

“CephX is leading the vision in this field and is already providing services that save time and hassle and provide crucial anatomical and visual information. This allows planning of superior, more accurate and more predictable treatment objectives and ultimately leads to better quality of treatment.”

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Dr. Barry N. Winnick

  1. CephX | AI Driven Dental Services

“I am a long time client of Cephx and find their services to be excellent. The interface is easy to use and the analysis is done within a day or two. For the same very fair price, I can get dozens of different analysis as well as my own that I have customized if I desire. To my mind, this is a great value.”

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