CephX Continues Growing with Appointment of Dr. Marc Cooper as its New Advisory Board Member

CephX today announced of the appointment of Dr. Marc Cooper as its new advisory board member to advise the company through its innovation and growth. With the appointment of Dr. Marc Cooper, CephX’s advisory board now includes 8 members, all of them experienced entrepreneurs, veteran dental specialists and dental imaging experts.

Since its foundation, CephX has been dedicated to teach computers how to automate radiological diagnostic procedures, using deep learning and artificial intelligence, and to generate an immediate array of reports, ranging from general dentistry to the specialized fields of dentistry such as Orthodontics and Prosthodontics, allowing more efficient and superior dental care. CephX has partnered with the leading dental imaging manufacturers and top market players across the entire dental value chain, including Dentsply Sirona, Cefla and Planmeca.

“Marc is a great addition to CephX’s advisory board, with his proven business experience and his vast knowledge in dentistry and periodontics” says CephX’s founder Daniel Abraham “I’m excited we were able to bring aboard such an impressive expert”.

Dr. Marc Cooper is a specialist in periodontics with expertise in implantology. His career includes practicing as a board director, academician, researcher, corporate consultant, author, entrepreneur and inventor. He previously worked with dentist-entrepreneurs around the world to generate highly successful managed group practices.

“I’m honored to join CephX’s advisory board at this exciting point in the company’s history,” said Dr. Cooper. “They are clearly the future of dentistry. As I’ve gotten to know CephX, their superior algorithms and their professional team, I’m looking forward to working with them. I’m sure we will succeed in building together an incredible future for CephX.”

About CephX

CephX is the leading online platform for dental and orthodontic practitioners, providing them with solutions for Cephalometric X-Ray analyses, image archiving and patient record management. CephX’s innovative AlgoCeph technology provide practitioners with accurate & professional cephalometric analysis within seconds, allowing them for greater efficiency, productivity and patient throughput. Practitioners also save precious time while meeting orthodontic standards of care by managing their patients’ records in CephX cloud where they are fully secured and backed-up. The platform is compatible will any operating system and device. Users are also able to access records from anywhere, even when using their mobile devices.

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and Planmeca And Cephx Launch Automatic Cephalometric Tracing And Analysis Service    

Planmeca And Cephx Launch Automatic Cephalometric Tracing And Analysis Service    

Herzliya, Israel – October 31, 2017 – CephX and Planmeca Launch Automatic Cephalometric Tracing and Analysis Service

Planmeca, Helsinki, Finland, has teamed with CephX Technologies Ltd, Herzliya, Israel, to launch AI based automatic cephalometric tracing and analysis service for the Planmeca Romexis® dental imaging software. The service, intended for orthodontic practitioners, uses CephX’s algorithm, which utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

After image capture using the software is complete, an automatic cephalometric analysis can be ordered and received in a few seconds, providing peace of mind to the orthodontist and unmatched performances.

The service can also be used directly online from a dedicated website that has been designed for Planmeca users who have not yet upgraded to version 4.6 of the Planmeca Romexis software.

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and CephX Continues Growing with Appointment of Dr. Marc Cooper as its New Advisory Board Member

New Partnership Agreement With Sirona Dental Systems

Herzliya, Israel – August 31, 2017 – CephX and SIRONA Dental Systems signed a partnership agreement, to integrate AlgoCeph technology and service into Sirona’s Sidexis software, and distribute is to its clients worldwide. The service official launch will take place in Las-Vega, USA, September 14-16th, at the Dentsply-Sirona World convention.

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and Planmeca And Cephx Launch Automatic Cephalometric Tracing And Analysis Service    

Dr. Harry Chweidan Joins Cephx’s Advisory Board

Herzliya, Israel – August 01, 2017 – Dr. Harry Chweidan (DMD) is a leading prosthodontics specialist. His vast experience and profound understanding of practitioners needs will aid CephX to better its products.

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and ORCA Dental AI and Planmeca Oy Partner for New Technology