• Q: How long does it take to get the analysis
    Most analyses are delivered within 1 business day. We commit that it will never take more than 2 business days. If you urgently need a specific analysis, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist.
  • Q: Can I switch subscription models?
    Contact us with via email to notify us about subscriptions changes
  • Q: I don’t have digital X-Rays, can I scan them?
    Definitely yes, CephX can provide tracing & analysis service to scanned ceph x-rays. You need to have a scanner that support scanning transparencies – contact us for recommended models and assistance in setting up.
  • Q: Do you provide services to imaging centers as well, or doctors only?
    We serve many dental imaging labs, allowing them to upload a ceph image on behalf of a doctor. As soon as the analysis is ready, both doctor and imaging lab receive a notification email to access the record.
  • Q: Which generic analyses to you provide?
    Once tracing is complete you can choose to download a PDF analysis file with any selection of analysis from the ones we support, including:

    Bjork-Jarabak Burlington Dental lowe
    Dentel Uppe Downs Biodynamic
    McNamara Owen Block P.O.S
    Projected growth Ricketts Skeletal Antpost
    Skeletal Vertical Soft tissue SLU
    Steiner Tweed VTO Holdaway
    VTO Ricketts Wits Burstone
    Clark COGS DiPaulo
    Eastman Harvold McGann
    Mc Laughlin MidContinent Modified Steine
    Sassouni Sassouni plus