• Q: How long does it take to get the analysis
    Most analyses are delivered within 1 business day. We commit that it will never take more than 2 business days. If you urgently need a specific analysis, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist.
  • Q: Can I switch subscription models?
    Contact us with via email to notify us about subscriptions changes
  • Q: I don’t have digital X-Rays, can I scan them?
    Definitely yes, CephX can provide tracing & analysis service to scanned ceph x-rays. You need to have a scanner that support scanning transparencies – contact us for recommended models and assistance in setting up.
  • Q: Do you provide services to imaging centers as well, or doctors only?
    We serve many dental imaging labs, allowing them to upload a ceph image on behalf of a doctor. As soon as the analysis is ready, both doctor and imaging lab receive a notification email to access the record.
  • Q: Which generic analyses to you provide?
    Once tracing is complete you can choose to download a PDF analysis file with any selection of analysis from the ones we support, including:

    Bjork-JarabakBurlingtonDental lowe
    Dentel UppeDownsBiodynamic
    McNamaraOwen BlockP.O.S
    Projected growthRickettsSkeletal Antpost
    Skeletal VerticalSoft tissueSLU
    SteinerTweedVTO Holdaway
    VTO RickettsWitsBurstone
    Mc LaughlinMidContinentModified Steine
    SassouniSassouni plus