cephalometric analysisTracing a cephalometric radiograph has traditionally been one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of any cephalometric exam. While the initial x-ray can be completed within minutes, the post X-ray analysis can take much longer. A cephalometric tracing can be produced either by digital means or by the more traditional hand-drawing method, and it results in a superimposed drawing over the original cephalometric radiograph. Cephalometric tracings outline the particular measurements, landmarks, and angles that medical professionals need to use a ceph in treatment.

As many know, hand tracing is not only time consuming but runs an enormous risk of inaccuracies due to inevitable human errors. Many doctors have now turned to electronic tracing as a way to save time and reduce errors.

Now, you don’t have to worry about tracing or processing cephs in-house – let CephX do the work for you. CephX offers a complete solution to trace, analyze, store, and track your patients’ cephs.

With Remote Tracing Service (RTS), CephX ensures you can get the analysis you need without the hassle. Trust the experts to get your cephs traced accurately, quickly, and error free. How does it work?

  • Simply upload a new ceph to your account.

  • Within 2 business days, you will be receive your analysis.

  • You will be able to view, edit and print all standard cephalometric analysis.

What are the benefits of using RTS?

Instead of wasting precious time trying to analyze, upload, and track patients’ cephs yourself, send it to experts who are here to make your job easier. All of your cephs will be stored securely in the cloud, which means anyone with account access can view, edit, or print the analysis. No more chasing information around the office – simply provide CephX cloud account information, and anyone can access the cephs. You don’t have to worry about losing physical copies of ceph analysis, because a copy will be stored securely on the cloud. Furthermore, with CephX, you can request custom analysis beyond the 60 standard cephalometric analysis offered.