Case of Submerged Lower E and Impacted Displaced Lower 5

Dr. Zeev Abraham (DMD, MS, MSc)

Segmented STL of CBCT performed by CephX AI algorithm for accuracy in 3D Locational Diagnosis. This leads to markedly improved treatment planning.

A 12 year old girl presented herself for examination

  • Her general occlusion was generally very good with the exception of the lower right quadrant.
  • Tooth #45 unerupted.
  • Tooth #46 tipped mesially.
  • Teeth #43 and #44 tipped distally and spaced.

Panorex shows submerged #85 and displaced #45

Note non-eruption of #45 and mesial and distal tipping and spacing

Buccal view of STL (AI) shows detail of submerged and impacted teeth and mandibular nerve relationship in Quadrant #4

Rotated oblique lingual view

Segmented #85 removed via cephX AI Algorithm